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Leakesville Mayor Says Not All FEMA Housing Using Being Used

14 of these units at the Leakesville Senior Citizen's Complex are clean, registered with FEMA, but vacant.

With hundreds of people on the coast in need of housing, Mayor Bill Brooks wants to know why no one is moving in.

"It's a problem. I don't know where the disconnect is, but it's between FEMA and HUD somewhere," Brooks says.

Mayor Brooks has contacted other elected officials for help, but believes FEMA simply has other plans.

"I had a FEMA official come in town last Sunday and travel around town with me looking for a place to put camper trailers. I asked him to come over here and look at this place. He wasn't interested in that," Brooks adds,"There's people in the area that really need it."

Truman Walley is one of those people.

Katrina severely damaged his Leakesville home.

"The storm put a whole tree down on it," Walley says,"It was a good house."

Walley has been told not to stay there, but given no alternative.

He says FEMA hasn't helped him get into the complex he'd like to make his temporary home.

"I haven't seen them or heard anything from them. I don't reckon' I'm going to," Walley adds.

All he's received is a Red Cross check for 350-dollars.

"That wouldn't even pay to get you in the door, much less do what you got to do," Walley says.

Since he can't afford to move in without help, until some comes, Walley is living with family.

"Them children are going to take care of me, but it's not home,"Walley adds.

By Jaimee Goad

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