Work On Pascagoula Bridge Gives A Boost To One Jackson County Company

Every day, the sky line of Pascagoula changes just a little bit more as the new high rise bridge comes closer to completion. More than 70,000 yards of concrete will make up the bridge when it's completed in the Spring of 2003.

But more importantly, the bridge is giving the Jackson County economy a boost. Almost all of the concrete is coming from Concrete Products, a local company in Pascagoula. The company is under contract for around 50,000 yards of concrete, equal to concrete needed for every home in huge neighborhood.

Managers say residential business is slow right now, so the bridge project is helping them stay busy until residential demand picks up.

Bridge managers say this large project is right on schedule and is more than 52 percent complete. The next big change drivers will see on the new high-rise is the decking on the west side will be installed in the next few weeks.