Community Helps Rebuild Home Destroyed By Fire

"I stood back there. I've worked 59 years and watched it go down in three hours. I seen there wasn't nothing we could do. We lost everything," Charles Spiers said. He and his wife watched their home of more than 40 go up in flames in June.

"It's hard to tell you how you would feel. It was a feeling I've never had," Geraldine Spiers said.

But just two days after the fire, their spirits were lifted. When word spread about the couple's loss, the community pulled together. In less than 12 hours, volunteers had the couple's new home practically built.

More than 80 volunteers came from as far away as Slidell using their various construction skills to help the Spiers put a roof back over their heads.

"There was so many people that came. They brought food. They've gave us money. That's how we got the house started with donations, because we didn't have any insurance, any money. Some of the people we didn't even know. A lot of them came because they knew our children," Geraldine said.

Bubba Bonney is one of those volunteers.

"The reason I'm doing it, just like everybody is out here," volunteer Bubba Bonney said. "It's a good Christian family. I know that Lonnie and Joey, they'd do the same thing for me."

"I just thank God for the way that they just reached out to us," Lonnie Spiers said. "We appreciate it so much."

Several local businesses either donated or gave the Spiers a discount on building materials. The Spiers will move in to their new home in about a week.