St. Martin Students Find Temporary School Home

Hundreds of St. Martin Upper Elementary and Middle School students found out Thursday evening that the high school will be their temporary home.

There were definitely no complaints, especially from parents who are simply eager to get their children back in the habit of learning.

"I wanted her back so bad that when we evacuated, we enrolled her in school when we evacuated because we didn't know how long we were gonna be gone, and you don't want their education to stop because they lose some things and some skills when they are not continuously learning some times," said parent Yolanda Green.

That was also the reason faculty wanted to start school as quickly as possible.

But location will not be the only change after the school bell rings.

There will be three phases of adjustments as St. Martin students getting back into the swing of things.

"One is split schedules here. We will start school at 11:25 and end at 5:15. The high school is gonna go before us," said middle school principal Michael Van Winkle.

The second phase will include portable buildings, and the third phase - a brand new building for fourth thru seventh graders.

"Architectural design and building will take a minimum of two years. So once we get these portable buildings. We will be in them for the rest of this year and all of next year, and hopefully by the third year we will have a new building that we can call home again," said Van Winkle.

There's a saying that home is where the heart is, and come Monday, these hallways will come back to life.