First Store Re-Opens At Edgewater Mall

Audrey Snyder and Irma White are back to doing what they love -- browsing.

Audrey Snyder said "We're just getting out and we saw a sign that said "Sears open" and we said we'll go see what they got".

For the sisters, shopping is a chance to take their minds off their hurricane worries. For Julie Ruesch, shopping is a necessity.

Julie Ruesch said "My family's from Bay St. Louis, and they all lost their homes and contents, and everything".

To help people like Ruesch get back on their feet, Sears rushed to clean up the foot of water, mud and debris and opened half of the store.

Sears Executive Ronald Gregory said "We're here for them. That's what we brought in was all merchandise for the public and I think we have what everybody needs".

While appliances were hot sellers, other unusual items, like mattresses, caught some shopper's eyes.

Tami Seidule said "I'm very surprised. I just can't believe it. I just hope to get a good deal".

Mattresses may seem rather unusual here, but how often have you walked into Sears and found food? The store now carries all sorts of groceries, from canned goods and baby formula, to yes, even dog food.

Gregory said "It's a different concept for us as a company going forward, to see if we do ever have damage like this in the future, how do we do this for the public? We decided not to bite the whole thing off at the same time. We just took a piece of it and said let's bring in what they need".

It's a move many shoppers seem to appreciate.

Audrey Snyder said "So why should we let the storm stop us? When you get old, that's the attitude. Every day is a great one".

Erma White said "We're getting back to normal. We're trying to. That's what everybody's doing".

The store is open from 10 AM until 5 PM.

By: Trang Pham-Bui