Tourists Give Beach In Harrison County High Marks

The McKinley and Kennedy families are enjoying the sand and sun on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The Louisiana visitors chose to spend their Independence Day playing on the Beach in Biloxi. Lawrence Kennedy says he loves the beach. He says it's beautiful and the water looks good.

Many visitors also love to splash around in the water. They say compared to other beaches around the country, the beach on the Coast deserves high marks.

On a scale of 1 to 10, Carol Reinke of Texas says she'd probably give the Biloxi beach an 8 or 9. Reinke says she likes the wide beach and parking bays, which is lacking in Galveston.

Patty Barnes of Indiana likes the fact that vehicles are not allowed on the beach, which helps keep the area clean. After visiting the Biloxi beach for the first time, she seemed quite impressed.

But not everyone is impressed with the beaches here in South Mississippi. Some folks have noticed "no swimming" signs at Rodenberg Avenue in Biloxi. Some people chose to stay and play. Those who went to other parts of the beach say they're still worried about the safety of the water.

Ritchie Hicks of Baton Rouge, La., says the beach is pretty nice, but there's a lot of strange looking things in the water and the water's too brown. He says it's a nice place to go, but it's not for children.

Most visitors say they have no complaints about the beach and plan to come back. Lawrence Kennedy says this may be his first visit to the Coast, but it won't be his last.