Jackson County District Attorney To Get Extra Help Trying Drug Cases

The arrest book in the Jackson County Sheriff's Department shows many drug-related arrests. They are becoming all too familiar to District Attorney Keith Miller. That's why he's hoping the attorney general can send more lawyers to help ease the caseload.

"These individuals are trained specifically in how to handle drug cases, and they will be a great asset to come down here and assist our office to push these cases through the docket and try and get some resolution to get some of these drug dealers off the street," Miller said.

The district attorney says drug cases probably make up anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of the docket, and cases related to drugs make up anywhere from 90 to 95 percent, making drugs the single biggest time demand in the district.

"We're looking at probably 2,000 or more cases a year in Jackson County alone. George County has probably had a 200 to 400 percent increase in cases in the last three or four years, and Greene County has grown as well," Miller said.

Miller says he is especially concerned about the growth of drug cases in George County, where the use and distribution of crystal meth has dramatically increased. In an effort to handle these cases, he plans to assign an additional Assistant District Attorney to that area for the rest of the year.

Extra help with these cases will not take the work load of the District Attorney's office completely, but it will help lawyers devote more time to the cases they have.

Miller is hoping those lawyers can start assisting his office as early as July 16, when this month's docket begins.