Robin Roberts Pitches In To Help Hometown

She's one of Good Morning America's most visible faces, but in Pass Chrisitan Robin Roberts is the hometown girl. After seeing how Hurricane Katrina nearly wiped out her beloved city, Robin says she knew she would help. "I've had mom and dad when he was here and Dorothy and the sisters, they've been on Good Morning America so our audience felt that they knew, that they know my family so when they see me upset and crying it put a face to it so it was a natural to wanna be here and do as much as I can to help out."

Good Morning America is partnering with the Salvation Army and Americorps to rebuild the city. Over the next year GMA will document the progress. Sandy Scott of Americorps says, "It's gonna require the largest volunteer mobilization in the nation's history and we at Americorps from all over the country, we're gonna be here for the next year and we're really pleased to be working with GMA. They made a big commitment to help this town get back on its feet and I think that's terrific."

The national media naturally covers a huge disaster like Katrina. But for Good Morning America the story becomes more personal when it's one of their own. GMA producer Morgan Zalkin says, "Just this morning I was on the phone with her and we were planning out the rest of our day and I heard her say oh God, oh God and I just knew she was seeing something destroyed that she hadn't noticed yet and I said Robin I'm so sorry and she said I'll call you back and you know it happens to her. We go at a furious pace and she'll hit a wall and we remember these are real people like our friend Robin."

There are so many people Robin is reaching out to. "The first time I was here the people kept saying to me don't forget us, don't forget us, don't let anybody forget us and that's our intent not to let the Pass or the Gulf Coast be forgotten," she says.