Woman Digs Through Hurricane Mess On Race Track Road

Deanna Comer needed a pair of gloves to sift through her belongings.

"How do I describe it?" she wondered. "The house is gone. It's just devastated. I don't know how you describe it. I guess it's unbelievable."

Unbelievable. Unforgiving. Unrelenting. The hurricane that hammered homes up and down Race Track Road four weeks ago certainly fit those descriptions.

Comer and her daughter spent the morning picking through debris. Buried just beyond their front steps were pieces of their lives.

"We're looking for treasures is what we're looking for," she said. "And we figure anything we find is a treasure, since it survived all this. It's what Katrina left. So I'm going to keep them. She left them. I want them."

Deanna Comer is like so many south Mississippians. She returned home from a hurricane evacuation and found a disaster. But when Comer looks around Race Track Road, she doesn't see the mess. Instead, her eyes focus on the green leaves of a rose bush that constantly remind her that life will get back to normal.

"If you look up, you see trees starting to come to life," she said. "So, the property is coming back to life. That's how I look at it."

That glimmer of home must carry Comer down what will undoubtedly be an agonizing road to recovery.

"We're going to rebuild. There will be life here," she said.