Local Drawbridge Becomes Popular Post Katrina Attraction

As crews work to remove debris and overturned shrimp boats from the Industrial Seaway Canal, the Lorraine-Cowan bridge above them has become a flurry of activity with people wanting to forever capture some of what Katrina left behind.

"I've lived through Camille. I was 5 years old when Camille hit and I can remember riding around and stuff but we never really took any pictures and then over the years, you know, people would talk about it and all we have was just that little Hurricane Camille book, so we thought we would just make our own little picture diary I guess," said Ada Dodson of Woolmarket.

And many people have the same idea.

Some of them are even dangerously braving the busy traffic just to get a glimpse of how Katrina tossed and planted at least 50 shrimp boats on the sides of and even "in" the canal.

"You look at it and you see it but it still don't register. You're just numb," said Dodson.

"It's pretty bad. Not what I imagined but going through it you don't realize how bad it was, but when you come down here and see it, it definitely touches you," said Adam Lack of Laurel.

Lack came to the Mississippi Coast from Laurel just to see if what television reports have been saying were true.

The images in his camera say "yes".

Many of the sightseers say they will share their images with family and friends in other parts of the country, but as for adding these snapshots to the family album-

"I don't even know if we'll even look at them, you know. It's just something to have for whenever the shock is over with," said Dodson.

While WLOX was on the bridge, the bridge operator asked people not to stop on the bridge.

It is not safe, and it is creating a bit of a distraction to other drivers.