Residents Call Temporary Housing Site In Biloxi A Health Hazard

Cajuns RV Park was one of only a handful of sites in Biloxi left primarily in working order following Hurricane Katrina.

"Our building suffered some minor damage, says Cajuns owner John Mikovich."We had some roof damage and a couple of leaks, but for the most part everything out here survived pretty well."

Making it an ideal spot for FEMA locate displaced residents.

FEMA came in and they leased 120 spots from us for Mississippi residents to help house people in Biloxi who lost their homes in the storm," says Mikovich.

It was shortly after that that Mikovich began to notice another ill wind in the air.

"We had this obnoxious smell coming from a vacant building across from us adjacent to our property.

A smell that grew worse as the weeks passed.

"Within the last 5 or 6 days it's gotten unbearable."

And with the odor came the flies.

"It just was creating a big health hazard for our safety here at the park and our residents that are staying."

The source was rotting seafood left in a neighboring warehouse. Mikovich appealed to authorities but nothing was done about it until recently.

"They started I think about 3 or 4 days ago but they just kept moving it around back and forth. But now it seems they got most of it out of here."

Some stench and evidence of this neglected situation still remains. Mikovich says he and his residents are reluctant to complain when so many others are suffering much worse.

"All of our residents are thankful and very happy to have a home to stay in."

But he does wonder why such an uncomfortable and unsanitary mess was left unattended for so long.