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Lorraine-Cowan Bridge Closing Causes Headache for Coast Drivers

From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday, recovery crews worked to clear out the Industrial Seaway Canal.

The work was set to wrap up at 1 p.m., but took about two hours longer than While the grueling work of clearing out the Industrial Seaway had to be done, the task caused quite an inconvenience for many people traveling along the coast.

As recovery crews worked Sunday morning to retrieve sunken shrimp boats, industrial equipment, and possibly bodies from the Industrial Seaway, drivers just south of the Lorraine-Cowan Bridge were re-routed.

The Goodsons were trying to make their way to early morning church services.

With one of the few remaining north-south corridors shut off to traffic, the Gibsons were among many who would be late making it to their destinations throughout the day.

"We don't have any other way to travel except Pass Road and it's always so congested and an inconvenience, but I guess it's necessary," Thelma Goodson said.

"That really stops us from doing our business across the bridge. I need a car wash. I'm gonna turn around." driver Michael Polk said.

"Some people are questioning the timing of this endeavor asking why they couldn't have done it at night time when the curfew was still in effect. "Exactly," Gibson said, "because everybody's going to church this time of day, and now we're delayed."

Along with thousands of others throughout the day who would have to find an alternate route to their destination.

Whether the recovery work in the Seaway could have been carried out at night remains unanswered, but one thing's for sure--traveling along coast most popular roadways will be a headache for quite some time to come.

By: Toni Miles

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