Bradford O'Keefe Funeral Home originated Mississippi's first Crematory in 1973

People choose cremation for a variety of reasons. Some do so based on environmental concerns. Others have philosophical or religious reasons. Still others choose cremation because they feel it is simpler and less complicated. Whatever the reason, we are here to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your cremation options.

Many people believe that by choosing cremation they are limiting their options. In fact, this is not true. Some families hold a traditional service with the body present. Only after the funeral ceremony is completed is the body cremated. Or cremation occurs first and a memorial service is held afterwards. When a memorial service is held the cremains are usually displayed in a cremation urn. The urn is placed in a place of prominence with flowers and pictures nearby. In either situation the community is able to participate and share the loss with surviving family members.

Permanent memorials also have an important emotional value. This establishes a place where current and future generations can go to remember a loved one. A permanent memorial may be something as simple as planting a tree or having a decorative urn to keep the cremains in, or if the cremains are buried a marker or monument.