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Value for the Money

Are we the funeral home offering the lowest published prices? Not necessarily. Do we seek to be the funeral provider offering the lowest published prices? Not necessarily. So, why would Bradford-O'Keefe be the best choice for value? When you pay our service charge, we work to serve you and your best interests, with no hidden agenda. When you seek a provider of service offering the lowest published prices, you will generally receive the amount of service you paid for and moreover, will usually not have the provider acting with your best interests in mind. Customers in this scenario have to beware of bait and switch where the bait is the low price, with the switch coming in the form of adding this and that to your bill so that your total expenditure is nowhere near what you expected. If value is your biggest concern, then we welcome comparing the quality of our facilities, services and caring staff to any provider you wish to consider. After an apples to apples comparison, there will be no doubt in your mind who provides the best value.

Any business needs to be profitable to survive, and we set our prices to allow us to be profitable and to invest in maintaining and improving our business. With prices set in this manner, we have no reason to have a hidden agenda and this fact combined with our philosophy regarding how we treat our families means that we are working for your best interests, not our own. Competently meeting your needs at a fair price you approved ahead of time is how we aim to deliver high value for the amount you decide to spend. Also, despite our desire to provide only the best quality service, we can deliver funerals at a price to meet your budget.

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