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Katrina Leaves Deep Scars Along Ocean Springs Beach

Hurricane Katrina scarred the water front in Ocean Springs. Beautiful beach front homes were destroyed, an apartment complex demolished and dozens of majestic oak trees ripped out by the roots.

Heavy equipment picked through the mangled metal that was Ocean Springs Seafood.

"I was expecting it. I was here in '69 and we rebuilt it then. I really expected to see what I saw," said owner, Earl Fayard.

Expecting the worst doesn't make it any easier to accept. Fayard's family opened "Ocean Springs Seafood" back in 1952.

"Judging from Camille which was our standard, if we came through Camille we were okay. But now there's a new standard. A new bar," he explained.

Amid the ruins of the family business, Fayard preferred to find a bright side.

"We had water about four to six inches from coming into the house on about three sides of the house. But none came inside. So, we feel blessed by that," he reasoned.

Down the street, Front Beach Apartments are unrecognizable. One former resident says it looked like the entire complex had been dropped into a giant blender. Spray paint markings directed insurance adjusters around the mess.

Katrina not only destroyed many of the homes and buildings on Front Beach, the storm also took aim at the dozens of stately oak trees that line the water front. Some of the trees were badly damaged. Others were completely uprooted by the storm.

Steps to nowhere are a common sight along East Beach.

"Never in my wildest dreams imagined anything like this could come through," said Dr. Jeffrey Noblin, as he pointed toward his demolished beach front home.

More like a nightmare storm that destroyed Noblin's home of three years. The storm surge left precious little behind as it slammed ashore. The house may be gone, but the memories and determined spirit remain.

"I will build back though. It's just wonderful to see the shrimp boats going out in the morning and the views that you have. It' just very sobering when you lose your life and start over," said Dr. Noblin.

Starting over is the only choice Katrina left behind along East Beach.

By Steve Phillips

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