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Our Excellent Staff

Many of the things that make us different are possible due to our size, having grown the firm to five locations serving hundreds of families each year. The challenge to us is to deliver consistently outstanding service across our five locations every day of the year.

In delivering our service to a family, it would be common for the family to interact with many of our employees, so the quality of our staff is paramount and considered to be our most valuable asset. A funeral is an event that involves proper execution of a great number of details, with no opportunity to "do it over." Flawless execution allows the family to relax and focus on celebrating the life of the decedent.

Our management philosophy aimed at having an excellent staff is as follows:

  1. Attract the best and brightest in our business, those that truly have a heart to serve others.
  2. Retain our staff by treating them as well as we desire for them to treat you, our customer.
  3. Give them autonomy to serve you in the best manner possible, having access to the resources of the firm as if they were an owner.
  4. Recognize and reward their hard work and dedication towards serving you.

The result of this is that we feel we have the best Embalming and Preparation staff in South Mississippi, aimed at caring for the human remains of the decedent in a most competent manner. Many families have commented on the quality of our body preparation.

We believe we have the best Funeral Directors in South Mississippi, who are allowed to take the time to deliver personalized service knowing that providing this level of funeral service will take more time and effort. Many of our customers have commented on the caring and personal service provided by their Funeral Director.

And, we believe we have the best support staff in South Mississippi, from the employees that answer our phones to those that deliver flowers, drive cars and greet those entering our facilities. To take any of their contributions for granted is a mistake, because it is only as a result of the smooth delivery of many small things that our service is judged excellent.

Ninety-five percent of our families rate the quality of our services as Excellent, but our culture dictates that we desire to continuously improve.

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