Business owners weigh in on Pascagoula deficit

Business owners weigh in on Pascagoula deficit

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The Anchor Awards are meant to showcase small business in Jackson County.

Many of these small businesses are in Pascagoula, a city trying to dig out of a $14 million hole.

Business leaders have varying opinions on what a deficit that size means for commerce in the city. "Everybody just needs to keep a positive attitude. The glass is half full. Pascagoula is a great place to live, work, and stay," said Tammy Moore, director of sales and marketing for the Hilton Garden Inn in Pascagoula.

Moore accepted an award for the hotel. She didn't think the city's budget crisis would negatively affect her business. Others in the city are working hard to keep their hopes high.

"I feel worried. Jobs being lost. And then everything that pertains to the jobs. Keeping the city up," said Terry Graham, who helps run the Downtown Buffet and Grill. She said business stays pretty steady at the lunch spot, and she tries to keep a finger on the pulse of city happenings. "I think people like to live here in this city. We're good people, everybody likes each other. And we try to take care of our customers, and we're trying to stay confident," said Graham.

One restaurant that got a bit of a confidence boost is Brady's Steak and Seafood. "Business is great. I think we're all thriving off of each other. This first year has been phenomenal for us," said Chad Brady, co-owner of the new restaurant.

Chad and Steven Brady accepted the Anchor Award for Rookie Business of the Year. Chad said the city's debt won't have an effect on businesses as long as they stick together. "We're not here to compete against each other. We're here to help each other out, so in the long run we'll all be great," said Chad.

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