Biloxi, Moss Point Swear In City Leaders

Inaugural ceremonies for city leaders in Biloxi and Moss Point were held on Sunday.

Biloxi Mayor A. J. Holloway and the Biloxi City Council took center stage as they were sworn in before officially taking office Monday morning. Hundreds of people showed up to offer their support for the city's administration.

The ceremony was held at the newly dedicated Donal Snyder Community Center on Pass Road, followed by a reception for family, friends and the public to attend.

In Moss Point, new Mayor Frank Lynn and seven alderman were sworn in at city hall. With a brand new mayor, and three new alderman, Moss Point officials say they want to make some major changes. Mayor Lynn says he has big plans to improve Moss Point.

"To reduce taxes, that's my big goal," Mayor Lynn said. "I believe if we reduce taxes, we can get people to move back to Moss Point. We're the only city on the coast that's lost population, and that says a lot. We need to do something to turn it around."

Mayor Lynn said the large crowd that showed for the ceremony is proof that Moss Point is ready for change.