Gas Prices Drop and People Evaluate Summer Travel Plans

There's good news for people who planned to cruise to their vacation destinations this summer. The Energy Department says the average retail price for regular unleaded gas has dropped to about a $1.45 a gallon in recent weeks. After paying almost $2.00 a gallon on a recent trip, Tim Fontenot brought extra cash for his Biloxi vacation. Much to his delight the price at the pump hasn't drained his wallet.

"I think it would make some people tend to curtain to travel if they had to pay as much as they had been paying. This makes the vacation spots a lot more easy to get to," Fontenot said.

Those vacationing on the coast this weekend say they were delighted to see wholesale gas prices plummet 25 percent. Even so, the cost of fuel is still affecting some people's travel plans.

"We usually go to Gulf Shores and I wouldn't go no further than that because of cost wise it would be higher," tourist Walter Lamken said.

"I may not have driven this far with gas prices as high as they are if we weren't visiting family," another coast tourist Bob Lynch said.

Tourists from up North say the coast is faring better than other places where gas is as much as a dollar eighty a gallon.

"The gas prices down here are great like $1.33," Pennsylvania resident Ann Porter said. "If I had my car down here I could buy gas and save money."

Lower gas prices means saving money but some people say they would like to see it go down even further. Some industry watchers they expect service stations to make steeper price cuts once the holiday is out of the way.

by Danielle Thomas