Security improvements planned for Hancock County Courthouse

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Security upgrades are coming to the Hancock County Courthouse.

County Administrator Eddie Favre tells WLOX more than $700,000 has been allocated to make necessary security changes at the courthouse.

According to Favre, those improvements include a new video surveillance system, metal detectors and installing an enclosure creating a new entrance with access to both the north and south sides of the building. The new entrance would be the only way to access the building, shifting the front and rear exits of the building to "exit only" use.

For Favre, the main goal is to make both employees and residents feel safe when using the courthouse.

"We're going to do everything we can," he said. "You know the sad thing is there's some sick people around, and I don't know if we can ever do enough to completely safeguard, but we're going to do everything we possibly can. From the surveillance cameras to the metal detectors and everything else. So hopefully it will be a situation where people will be safe, and they'll feel safe."

The contract is expected to be awarded at the August 6th Board of Supervisors meeting.

Favre said work should begin shortly following that meeting and could be finished as soon as Christmas of this year.

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