Kids Have A Blast At Astro Camp

Some coast children are learning what it's like to go to space and what it takes to get there. This week at Stennis Space Center's Astro Camp, the students will build and launch their own rockets while at the same time learning the principals behind lift off. These kids are literally having a blast.

It appears to be a lot of fun and games, but Astro Campers are learning some important lessons about space. "It surprised me that there were 3 laws that told about how rockets moved so that's what really fascinated me," said 8 year old camper Chase Grant.

"My Place In Space" is the theme of the summer camp. It's a week of fun hands on activities, but more importantly a real education in space technology. Camp Director Maria Lott says, "We gear it down to their age level which is starting at the lower age we work it up until we get the older kids where they have to be involved with a lot more science and math calculations... things they have to predict and come up with. The goal is to spark a long lasting flame in these kids."

For Astro Campers, it's been a fascinating experience. " It was interesting when I found out that with the way water does when it goes into zero point zero gravity. When it's absolutely no gravity water just goes in this big blob and just floats around." said Astro Camper Lauren Ishee.

Children between the ages of 7 and 12 years old can take part in the summer camp. The program ends July 27th. For more information contact Cheryl Bennett at Stennis Space Center at 228-688-2322.