Unique vacation Bible school teaches kids to handle real-life problems

Unique Biloxi bible school teaching kids to handle real life problems

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It's a Bible school with a twist in Biloxi.

Bridge Community Church has developed a fun week of learning that engages kids with real life scenarios, and techniques to deal with anything they may face. Kids Week at Bridge Community Church is a unique experience for kids of all ages.

"This year our theme is Shipwreck Island," said lead pastor Curtis Davis. "It's all about helping kids find those areas in their lives where they're having difficulties. And we try to help them find ways around those difficulties."

Davis believes it's not enough to teach kids about Jesus, but to teach them how to handle specific problems in their lives."We attempt to pull it back to today and what these kids are faced with everyday of their lives," he said.

Davis thinks it's important to let the kids know that everyone goes through troubles.

"We know as well as anybody that we all have these struggles," said Davis. "We all face loneliness. We all worry. We all struggle. We all feel powerless at times. So we're trying to help these kids sort of talk these things through. Realize how Jesus has given us a Christian community to help us walk through those things."

For Annalise Davis, now in her fourth year at Kids Week, it's about taking the lead for the younger children. "I like to help little kids, and it's fun helping the little kids learn," she said. "I can take away things from my life. All these things have happened in my life. First, we learned when we were lonely and I can lead to that because I was lonely all the time."

Pastor Davis believes it's important for these kids, as well as the adults, to remember they are not alone.

"I think more than anything, they take away that there are people who care about them," he said. "And I think that there are so many folks who don't understand that there's other people out there that really care. And when you know that there's someone else who will at least walk part of the journey with you, it's a little easier to walk it."

Kids' Week ends with a block party on Friday night at the church. A;l the families are invited to have dinner and enjoy some water slides.

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