Jackson County deputies talk about capturing escaped fugitive

Jackson County deputies talk about capturing fugitive

ST. MARTIN, MS (WLOX) - Imagine being a sheriff's deputy looking for convicted murderer Michael Floyd Wilson, then actually running across the escaped convict on a side street in St. Martin.

That's what happened July 7 to Lt. Rich Crager, Sgt. Shane Bozeman and Lt. Jeff Smith of the Jackson County Sheriff's Department.

"You have to collect the dots before you can connect them, and as we kind of figured everything out, it just seemed like St. Martin was the area he was going be in," Smith said. "We talked to several neighbors down there, and they gave us a good description."

Sgt. Bozeman was in his unmarked car when he turned onto Sunnyside Drive Saturday evening. He says he saw Wilson getting into a gold car. That's when he made his move to apprehend the wanted fugitive.

"He saw me whenever I backed up and I had him at gunpoint. He didn't have the opportunity to do anything at that point," Bozeman said. "It went very smoothly but at the same time you don't know what he's looking to try to do. He's already a convicted murderer two times and escaped from prison, so we didn't know what his intentions were."

The deputy's intention was to get Wilson back into custody and behind bars, which is exactly what happened.

"This isn't a suspect," Smith said. "This is a convicted killer who we know was convicted by a jury of his peers for two counts of murder. I can't think of any other case to pull out all the stops, on helicopters, as much manpower as we can muster."

Wilson is now back in the custody of Mississippi Department of Corrections. Because authorities say he did not commit any other crimes while he was on the run, the only additional charge he is facing is for escaping from custody.

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