Pack Up The Pom Pom's! -- Cheerleaders Voted Off WLOXISLE

The Moss Point Tigers have been practicing hard since last week when they left WLOXISLE, our very own virtual island brought to you by WLOX-TV and Turan-Foley. But with no team to cheer for, our voters said it was now time to say good-bye to........ the Harrison Central High School Cheerleaders . Sorry guys! Besides, our castaways said all the cheering was keeping them awake at night!

Only nine Coast Castaways are left! Who will be the next to go?!?!?!?! Cast your vote now to see who's next to go off WLOXISLE!

Here are the nine Coast Castaways left on WLOXISLE:

  • Super Dave -- Coast 102.3 radio personality
  • Bobby Mahoney -- Mary Mahoney's Restaurant
  • Chappy -- Chappy's Restaurant
  • Becky Montgomery -- United Way of South Mississippi Executive Director
  • Crooked Feather -- Ocean Springs Landmark
  • Al Jones -- Sun Herald Outdoor Writer
  • Hook -- Mississippi Sea Wolves Mascot
  • Al Showers -- WLOX Hancock County Correspondent
  • Rhonda Weidner & Tommy Richards -- WLOX Good Morning Mississippi & Midday Anchors

You can vote castaways off either on-line or by mail. Our only rule is that you vote only once per household, per week.

Multiple votes and incomplete ballots WILL NOT be counted!

To vote by mail, send a postcard with your name and who you want kicked off to the following address:

P.O. Box 4596
Biloxi, MS 39535-4596

Or to vote on-line, just fill out the form below. Our computers will count the vote and kick out any multiple or incomplete submissions.

E-Mail Address:
Which Coast Castaway do you want KICKED OFF the island next?

Comments? Questions? Let us know!

The temperatures are heating up and so is the competition on WLOXISLE. Stay tuned to WLOX and keep checking to see which of our Coast Castaways makes it the entire 13 weeks!

WLOXISLE is brought to you by WLOX and Turan-Foley. Check out their web site at !