Move over law in effect: slow left lane drivers could face fines

MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - If you're driving too slow in the left lane, you could get a ticket.

An update to Mississippi's left lane law impacts all roads where traffic moves in the same direction in two or more lanes, including in municipalities."You must travel in the right hand lane unless you are passing, overtaking a vehicle or making a left hand turn," said Biloxi Police traffic supervisor Brian Dykes. 

The new guidelines apply to Hwy. 90 and Pass Rd. to name a couple of the Coast's most traveled roads.

This is a law Jovan Dowdy isn't that concerned about breaking though. When asked what he would do if he was pulled over for driving too slow in the left lane Dowdy said, "That's not likely to happen to me personally."

Dowdy may not drive slow in the left lane, but Dykes said plenty of people do and it does create traffic problems.

"What that does is it bottle necks everything behind them," Dykes said. "We've all been in those situations where we're driving and we think there must be a crash up ahead traffic has come to a crawl only to get forward in the pack and find out it's two people driving next to each other doing 10 miles below the speed limit."

The penalty for driving too slow in the left lane calls for a fine of up to $50, but Dykes said there will be some leeway. "If they were to explain to us that they were lost, or looking for a turn, or they weren't from here or their GPS was sending them this way then we would take that under consideration before any enforcement was done," said Dykes. 

Ultimately Dowdy hopes the law will result in a free flowing left lane. "There are folks that drive in that lane that don't really have the intention to move with the flow of traffic and I think if they were more likely to be in the other lane then it would let traffic flow a little bit better," Dowdy said.

The law went into effect on July 1st with similar measures already in place in most states.

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