Biloxi reviews downtown bike rental service

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Biloxi has been offering bike rental service more than a year now.

With hundreds of users to date, has it been enough for the city to continue the service?

Visitors like the idea of bike sharing on the coast. "Look at the view. Where else could you go bike ride and get this view," said John Wallace from Tennessee.

The city paid $9,000 for the first contract with the app based bike rental company, Zagster. So far, Biloxi has seen $1,500 from around 300 rides. As the city's budget deadline approaches, officials have to figure out how or if the service will continue.

Kay Miller, director of Main Street, has been hosting monthly bike rides through downtown in an effort to boost bike traffic, and get some more rides for the rental service.

She said the service isn't just a good idea for visitors. "A lot of locals don't have bikes and maybe don't realize how affordable it is to come and ride down the beach one day, or one evening ride through downtown," said Miller.

The app charges three dollars an hour for bike rides with annual membership options as well. According to city spokesman Vincent Creel, as the city council and mayor work towards a budget, they'll be considering where to go from here with the bike rentals.

One thing they'll keep in mind is why the service was started in the first place. "It was viewed as an amenity, like a pier or a boardwalk. Something else for our visitors to do if they wanted to," said Creel.

One option that Creel said could be on the table is partnering with a hotel to sponsor the service.

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