12 renovation projects in progress at Jackson County school

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - One week before registration, a handful of schools in the Pascagoula-Gautier School District are getting upgrades.

"We have Eastlawn right now. We have Cherokee. We have Central. We have Jackson. Trent Lott's getting a new gym. We're also renovating other parts of that building. We're doing some work out at Gautier High School right now. It's just a wide array of things that we're doing. Small projects here and there but it's still a project for us," said Superintendent Wayne Rodolfich.

"It is extremely exciting to see all of the changes everyday. We have people on campus everyday. Teachers have started coming in, working in their classrooms," added Jackson Elementary Principal Christy Cumbest.

This is Christy's first role as principal. Registration is next week and she said students will see some new faces as she's added seven members to her team.

"Classrooms are getting ready. Floors are waxed. We're getting unpacked. We are ready," Christy said.

Something else students and parents will notice come registration day is construction. There are 12 renovation projects at schools in the district. Jackson Elementary is one of them.

You may remember back in April, the school board voted to make renovations to Jackson Elementary versus shut it down.

Several parents were in support of this. Superintendent Rodolfich said work on campus will fix those previous drainage problems.

"We've reorganized how we've done our drainage system here. You can see there are pipes laying around, larger than we've used for irrigation before. We're installing several catch basins. We're doing more sloping of the land. We've moved trees out of here that were stopping us from being able to drain properly," he said.

A new coat of paint inside and out will freshen up the place too. "I am excited to meet my new students and get involved with them. Spend days with them and help them succeed," Christy said.


Performing Arts Center

Trent Lott Academy:
Library (new floor and shelves)
Choir room (new floors and taking out risers)
Old gym will be converted into classrooms
Old tech converted into three rooms
Office restrooms

Central Elementary:
Dining room (renovating lights, tiled walls, ceiling and light)
Physical fitness room

Eastlawn Elementary
Reading area in library (glass wall being removed)

Jackson Elementary
Painting all walkways and canopies
Painting block walls only on each pod, not the brick
Drainage improvement
Sewer manholes

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