UPDATE: Intense three-day manhunt ends after convicted killer is caught

ST. MARTIN, MS (WLOX) - According to the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC), Michael Floyd Wilson was moved to Mississippi State Penitentiary, also known as Parchman Farm Wednesday.

Wilson was at the South Mississippi Corrections Institute before escaping and spending three days on the run from law enforcement.

Wilson, 47, was caught in St. Martin around Saturday following an intense 53-hour search. His capture came after authorities received a tip that Wilson had been seen in the Washington Avenue area.

People who live in the neighborhood where Wilson was caught say they don't know who called the police but they are thankful for whoever did make the call.

Shortly after receiving that tip, officers from multiple agencies arrived to a house on Sunnyside Drive, just off Washington Avenue near the Gulf Hills neighborhood.

Residents in the area said they were working on their car in the front yard when a man wearing a red shirt approached them, asking for a ride. They said they had never seen the man before and did not know where he came from.

" [It was] just random," said Jade Bates, who was approached by the escaped inmate. "If the cops wouldn't have come, really...honestly...hardly anyone of us would have known it was the guy from the news. It was that random. It was almost as if someone was asking you for a cigarette outside of Walmart."

Police say they were able to arrest Wilson without him resisting or trying to flee again. Sheriff Mike Ezell said it looked as if someone had been feeding him while he was hiding.

There are a couple of abandoned trailers in the area where Wilson was arrested, so residents believe he might have been hiding out in one of them.

When asked how they were tipped off about Wilson's exact location, Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell credited the manpower behind the entire search.

"We had been working around the clock following up on all these leads and the guys picked up some good leads [Saturday] morning," said the sheriff.

Earlier on Saturday, authorities were told Wilson had been seen riding a bike in the area.

"They kept just staying on it and staying on it until we finally pinpointed where he was and were able to make the arrest," said the sheriff. "It was just good hard police work."

According to Sheriff Ezell, Wilson was transported back to the Leakesville prison Saturday night.

Multiple agencies assisted in the three-day search, including city and county law enforcement from across South Mississippi and U.S. Marshals. Jackson County Sheriff's Department made the arrest.

The search spanned the entire coast, with more than 50 officers assisting in the investigation and more than 100 tips to authorities by citizens.

MDOC Commissioner Pelicia E. Hall credited participating law enforcement officers in the search and apprehension of Wilson.

"I commend all MDOC officers and thank all of the other state, federal, county, and local law enforcement agencies for their work and diligence in bringing this situation to a successful resolution," Commissioner Hall said. "It was a joint effort to get a dangerous felon back into custody without anyone getting hurt."

Officials say Wilson was discovered missing at 12:48 p.m. after he climbed a fence and escaped from the South Mississippi Correctional Facility in Leakesville Thursday afternoon. Wilson is currently serving two life terms after being convicted of two separate murders in Harrison County.

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