Diamondhead resident to represent Great Britain in ITF World Championships

Diamondhead resident to represent Great Britain in ITF World Championships

DIAMONDHEAD, MS (WLOX) - Steve Garman may be a proud native of Great Britain, but calling South Mississippi home for the last 23 years has added a surprisingly beneficial element to his game.

"I go back to England and they think a hot day is 70 degrees," Garman said with a laugh. "So I'm holding up generally better over there."

When he's not busy giving lessons and coordinating events as the Director of Tennis at Diamondhead Tennis World, Garman is also a national competitor. The Sussex, England native qualified to represent the British 60 & older team in the International Tennis Federation World Championships for the second straight year.

"It's open to anybody," Garman said of the British Nationals. "Mainly British players play this tournament, but there are some from the other countries that come play. If you reach the semifinal stage, generally you're picked for the (World Championships) team."

After placing sixth in the team competition last year in Miami, Garman rejoins the British team next month in Germany for another go - just the latest chapter in his eventful career.

"Tennis all around has been great for me," Garman said. "I never really planned on staying with tennis as a career, but I took a job right out of college, and I've been very lucky, very fortunate."

Ever since he first picked up a racket at no later than 5 or 6 years old, tennis continues to bring Garman on a lifelong, globe-trotting adventure. But, he's happy his worldly travels found a home right here on the Coast.

"Tennis in the U.S. is probably a little stronger than other countries," Garman said. "Especially if you're in the business of tennis, teaching tennis. The weather is great here, (and I) found a great community here at Diamondhead. Never planned on staying, (but I'm) still here, glad I am."

Garman plans to fly to Germany for the event on August 9th, as team play begins on the 12th, with the individual competition coming the following week.

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