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Family Buries Father & Two-Year-Old Son

The emotions and harsh reality of Hurricane Katrina were felt Thursday morning at St. Mark's United Methodist Church in Gulfport. Mourners gathered at one of the first funerals for the storm's victims.

"My brother Sam will be greatly missed. he was a friend to everyone here in Gulfport," John Tart said.

With family members and friends in attendance the pews at St. Mark's United Methodist Church in Gulfport were packed. All were paying their final respects to Samuel Francis Tart and his son, John Matthew Tart.

"The little baby he was a kind, sweet angel. He looked just like my brother. We're going to miss him very much. He just had a party the day before the storm. He just turned two-years-old," Sam's sister Gayle Tart said.

For the past 27 years, Sam was a physical scientist and surveyor at the Naval Oceanographic Office at Stennis Space Center. Those who worked with him and knew him well, say Sam earned the respect of his colleagues.

"He was a real pillar of the command, absolutely, especially with minority relations, things like that," one co-worker said.

Another co-worker said, "We want to remember his life because he did mean a lot to us. Being one that worked with him closely, it's very sad to see one of your shipmates pass like this."

Sam is survived by his wife, Genoveva Tart, four children, his brother John and sister Gayle. The burial was held at Pine Ridge Cemetery.

Sam Tart was 51-years-old. His son John died on his second birthday.

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