More On Pascagoula Attorney Dickie Scruggs And The N.O. Saints

Pascagoula attorney Dickie Scruggs, who made millions of dollars during the tobacco litigation in 1999, is being mentioned in a report out of New Orleans as a potential investor interested in buying the New Orleans Saints and moving the NFL team to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. That is only if owner Tom Benson and Louisiana lawmakers can hammer out a new deal to keep the team in New Orleans. Is the report out of New Orleans true?

Dickie Scruggs said, "I'm not really at liberty to talk much about it now. Let's just say, like all Saints fans I have a great interest in the Saints and would love to see them playing football in Mississippi."

Despite comments made by a number of parties in Louisiana that Mississippi wouldn't be able to support the Saints, Scruggs disagrees. He said, "The site discussed in Hancock County is very close to New Orleans. The real Saints fans from New Orleans would easily be able to get to the games and it would make it much easier for those in South Mississippi, especially now that Deuce McAllister is now a member of the Saints, to attend the games. I see a lot of pluses for the Saints relocating to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. However, it appears that Mr. Benson and Louisiana officials are on the verge of finalizing a deal to keep the team in New Orleans."

On Thursday Louisiana Governor Mike Foster and Tom Benson agreed to meet face-to-face on July 9, after Benson returns from a vacation in Florida. The two have not attended most previous negotiations. "The two gorillas are going to sit on the sidelines and try to keep it straight," Foster said.

New Orleans business and political leaders gathered at the Superdome Thursday to meet with state officials and discuss the latest offer from Tom Benson. The group appointed four members to study all of the recent offers and counteroffers and to try and work out a plan that both sides could agree on. They hope to have a proposal for Benson and his negotiators at the July 9 meeting.