Scruggs Interested In Seeing Saints In Mississippi

A story out from the Associated Press says millionaire attorney and Pascagoula native Dickie Scruggs is interested in buying the Saints and moving the team to Mississippi. But Scruggs told WLOX news that saying he wants to buy the team is a little too strong.

Although Scruggs would not discuss specifics, he said he was interested in seeing the Saints become successful in Mississippi.

Scruggs gained national notoriety for his role in litigation against big tobacco in the 1990s. His law firm earned millions of dollars in that settlement.

While many officials say the Saints franchise could not survive in Mississippi, Scruggs disagrees.

"I think Mississippi has a lot of advantages in terms of population and accessibility to a stadium over in Hancock county that New Orleans does not have," Scruggs said. "Gambling certainly would not be a drawback, although there's a huge casino in New Orleans right now. But gambling and casinos and football are totally different endeavors. I don't think that would be a drawback in the least."

Following the New Orleans report about Scruggs, New Orleans attorney Walter Leger, part owner of the New Orleans Zephrys baseball team, was contacted. Leger says he'll fend off Mississippi investors by assembling a group of New Orleans attorneys and businessmen to buy the Saints from Benson and keep the team in Louisiana.

All speculation will quickly come to an end if Louisiana lawmakers approve Tom Benson's final offer.