Designing A Hurricane-Friendly Landscape

It may be the last thing people have in mind when designing a landscape, but conservationists say choosing plants and trees that are adaptable to hurricanes and tropical storms is a good idea.

The Southeast Mississippi Resource Conservation and Development Council has prepared a brochure with tips that people may find helpful when planning to landscape.

"They can reduce damage and destruction to homes, cars, utilities, blocking the roads during tropical storms like we have," Joe Doss with thte Resource Conservation Development Council said. "[We] just try to help them to be educated on the best manner in which they can landscape and yet at the same time wind up with a beautiful yard that will survive during the hurricanes and tropical storms."

If you'd like a copy of the landscaping brochure, you can contact any of the following agencies in each coastal county:

  • The Mississippi Conservation District Offices
  • The forestry commission
  • The cooperative extension service

The brochures will also be available in all public libraries after July 4th.