Coast Failing To Protest Wetlands, Report Says

A team of scientists says a federal program designed to preserve and protect wetlands is failing.

Wetlands provide habitat for wildlife, offer protection against flooding and serve as filters for pollution. The new federal report suggests the idea of developers creating new wetlands to replace those they build on isn't working like it should.

Part of the problem is a lack of follow-up to wetland mitigation efforts.

"It's a nationwide problem," Jan Boyd with the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources said. "It's just so much construction that there's no people or not enough manpower to keep up with mitigation. Once mitigation is done, now this is historically, once it's done nobody goes back and checks it."

Boyd says Mississippi is ahead of other states in checking on wetlands mitigation projects. The Department of Marine Resources recently launched a new program that deals solely with such follow-ups.

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