Lovers Lane Neighborhood Battered By Katrina

Lover's Lane in Ocean Springs is known for it's picturesque homes and laid back lifestyle. Hurricane Katrina did her best to destroy those homes and ruin resident's lives.

But while the storm ripped houses apart, the neighbors on Lover's Lane are not easily broken.

"About six feet of water got into the house," said Charlie Taylor. And he's among the lucky ones on Lovers Lane in Ocean Springs.

His house still stands.

"We had two inches of that black muck on the floor and everything. You can still see it. The stink was bad. It was horrible," said Taylor.

He's been pulling sheetrock and counting his blessings There is hope amid the mess.

"It's been great. We've been here 20 years. I love it man. It's a nice area. Well, it was a nice area. And it will be again. It will be again," he promised.

"Well, that's my house. Or what's left of our home. I was devastated. Even seeing and hearing it on the news. It doesn't matter. And it was hard. Every day it's hard to come and see it. But every day we find stuff," said JoAnna Bosco, whose home was flattened by Katrina.

It's a treasure hunt for her two children. Personal momentos are hidden among the piles.

"Wow. And see, we find stuff every time. And they're the best treasure hunters in the world. 'Cause they don't overlook anything," she said.

Sparkly the family cat survived the storm, dazed but unharmed. During our visit, four year old Gina found Mommy's watch.

"Thank you. It needs a new battery," said Bosco, laughing.

At the end of Lovers Lane you can get a better perspective as to where the neighborhood is located. You can see the casinos across Biloxi Bay. It's the beauty of this waterfront neighborhood that lures people here. But it is that same waterfront that creates such vulnerability.

Ray Weiss works to salvage what's left of one of his two homes. The house which collapsed was a 1964 World's Fair home built by the Formica Company.

"You know, ultimately we're all very fortunate because nobody's hurt. You know, we can rebuild and move forward eventually," Weiss said.

Despite the debris piles and displaced boats, Lovers Lane will recover. Folks like Ray Weiss will see to that.

"You have two choices. You can either give up or you can strive and move forward. And I think we should strive and move forward. That's the vitality of what's down here. That's the vitality associated with the flag. That's America," said Weiss.

JoAnna Bosco says the neighbors on Lovers Lane are looking out for one another. They're planning a future get together to return all the pictures and personal items they've managed to recover from the piles of storm debris.