Progress in the Pass comes from new construction projects

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - Just like all our cities and communities on the Coast, Pass Christian is still trying to move forward thirteen years after the destruction from Hurricane Katrina.

Pass Christian Mayor Chipper McDermott says those multi-million dollar homes on Scenic Drive were the first to bounce back after Hurricane Katrina.

He said more of those will go up, along with other homes all over the beach and in other areas around the Pass, thanks to a growing number of people either moving in, or building second homes.

"These people are from all over. Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, so it's a group of people from all over. These homes are expensive, so they stay here probably 45 days at the most, but still they're very valuable to us. Very valuable," McDermott said. "We're very pleased with it, of course we're always going to be a small town and we won't make any giant steps, but as long as you're going forward, that's what counts."

There's also new businesses in place near downtown, including two small hotels and the first drug store in the Pass since before Katrina.

"It's a better place than it was before. We tell people all the time, we got more things and everything we got is better than we had before, we just don't have as much of it," McDermott added.

As of now, the population in the Pass is 5,700. Before Katrina, that number was 6,800.

"I don't know if we'll ever get our population back, because it's harder to do here," he said. "Everything else is looking good. If we can just keep it going forward and not go backwards and nature can leave us alone for about 30 years, then I think the beauty of the Gulf Coast will take care of itself."

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