Animal rescuers keeping an eye on injured heron spotted on Biloxi Beach

Animal rescuers keeping an eye on injured heron spotted on Biloxi Beach

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - An injured Great Blue Heron was spotted on the beach Sunday evening, and animal experts are keeping a close eye on his condition.

Resident Valerie Kattz describes what she saw.

"Well, it looks like he has a hook in him. So, I would not be qualified to remove that, but he also has wire around his leg, and so we were thinking if we could at least get that wire untangled if he had a little freedom to move his legs and at least get away," she said.

Resident Linda Mayo told us the bird appeared to be tangled in wire from what looked to be fishing line. The heron was spotted on Biloxi Beach across from Edgewater Mall before the sun went down.

"Right now, if he doesn't get help, he isn't going to survive right where he's at. And he's not moving because he feels secure right there, but he's going to starve," Mayo said.

Another resident pleaded for the crane's wellbeing.

"He needs help! He needs help!" Tonya White exclaimed.

WLOX reached out to Wild at Heart as well as Wildlife Care and Rescue to get the animal help along with the residents who spotted the injured bird.

"I am concerned that he will get away, and still have that hook in him, and get infected or if his legs stay tangled up that he could drown, and that's my biggest concern right now," said Kattz.

The folks at Wild at Heart posted an update to Facebook saying, "This guy was entangled. Although he is still entangled, he managed to get his wing free and now he's flying enough where no one will be able to capture him just yet."

Remember, if you see an animal in distress, do not approach it. Instead, call a wildlife rehabilitation facility that can offer expert assistance.

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