Volunteers brave the heat to pick up trash at Point Cadet Plaza

Point Cadet Plaza in Biloxi (photo source: WLOX)
Point Cadet Plaza in Biloxi (photo source: WLOX)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The sweltering sun didn't stop more than a dozen people from volunteering their time Saturday morning to pick up trash at Point Cadet Plaza in Biloxi.

It's the first event of its kind. Kevin Felsher, President of the Harrison County Beautification Commission said it was inspired by his two sons.

"Walking along the waterfront, we saw an inordinate amount of trash," he said. "This being the gateway to Biloxi, we figured maybe we could do something with it."

Kevin and his team set a date, and then asked for volunteers.

"I love organizing. People call me OCD but I just like things clean," said volunteer Brittany Gianelloni. She owns a cleaning and organizing business, so this came as second nature to her.

"Oh man, there's a lot of cigarette butts. Please pick up your butts people!" said Brittany. "There's been a lot of just little pieces of things: straws, cups plates."

"So far, we've picked up everything from eyeglasses to diesel batteries to underwear. It's been very interesting," Kevin said.

Kids of all all ages joined in with several groups to volunteer. From Girl Scouts to church groups to the Department of Marine Resources and the City of Biloxi, it was a team effort.

The City of Biloxi provided a hot dog lunch and the Blind Tiger gave out shirts to all of the volunteers.

"What I find is it's not even really the people that live here," said Kevin. "It's just the people who are passionate about keeping the city cleaner and greener. That's the sort of people and they come out with a great attitude, and a can-do attitude."

The Blind Tiger, Singing River Health Neuroscience Center, City of Biloxi and Harrison County Beautification Commission sponsored the event.

The next trash pick up event is July 5 in Biloxi, the day after Fourth of July. It's called "The Day After" cleanup and the beautification commission is looking for volunteers to pick up the leftover remnants from the holiday. Click here to register.

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