Gulfport leaders want to add 2 splash pads in the city

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Two more splash pads could soon be coming to Gulfport. City leaders say they are hoping to add the new splash pads in communities south of Interstate 10.

At the next city council meeting, there are two resolutions on the agenda asking for help from Harrison County Board of Supervisors to add the splash pads to two city parks.

Gulfport residents say they are excited to see more fun things to do for kids in the area. Glenn Johnson, who lives in Magnolia Grove, said he is thrilled about seeing a splash pad at the park next to his home and believes it will be heavily used. However, he does have a suggestion on where it should be located.

"I suggest if they put a splash pad they put it behind the fence for safety reasons," said Johnson. "Because we don't want anyone or anybody to come down here and turn the water on to the splash pad and get drowned."

The city is also looking to make improvements to the areas surrounding the Katie Booth Community Center and the park located at the intersection of Bullis Avenue and 20th Street.

Soria City resident Nellie Henry said during the hot summer months, a splash pad will be a busy place for kids. But, she wants to make sure the city is not taking any other amenities away from the park, like the basketball court that her grandchildren play on.

"It would help in keeping them cool, said Henry. "A splash pad would be nice.

The estimated cost for both projects is $60,000. City leaders will discuss the upgrades at the next city council meeting on June 19.

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