UPDATE: Shooting victim left in Highway 26 parking lot

UPDATE: Shooting victim left in Highway 26 parking lot

WLOX learned a man was shot and killed Thursday in Forrest County under a bridge on Hurricane Creek Road. Officials say the victim's body was found around lunchtime in a vehicle sitting at a Highway 26 store under construction.

Forrest County Sheriff's Department Investigator John Tryner said, "It's being reported as being self-inflicted, and it appears to be self-inflicted," Tryner said.

A Pearl River County sheriff says a woman drove the victim to the store. But, it is unclear why the woman stopped there.

At first, investigators weren't sure where the shooting happened because the store the victim was found at sits on the Stone County and Pearl River County line. But, a Pearl River County sheriff says detectives realized the scene was in Forrest County when the woman last spotted with the victim drove investigators to the location where the gun went off.

Investigators have not said if that woman has any connection to the shooting or to the victim.

But, Tryner said foul play will not be ruled out until all evidence is examined and an autopsy is completed at the State Crime Lab in Jackson.

"We will not rule out any options," Tryner said.

Tryner is asking anyone who has information that could help the investigation to come forward. If you have any details to share, call the Forrest County Sheriff's Department at 601-544-7800.

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