Pascagoula business offering free generator tune ups for seniors

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - ?If you have a generator, it may be time for a tune-up as we enter the 2018 hurricane season. If you're over 65, you can get that done free of charge at the Pascagoula Service Center through the end of June.

Jason Keenum is no stranger to the Pascagoula Service Center.

"Come here all the time, especially during the spring. Get all my equipment serviced and make sure everything's good for the spring cutting season," he said.

Now, he's lending a helping hand to his parents. Thursday, Jason dropped off his 83-year-old dad's generator for service, free of charge.

"Get ready for the hurricane season. That's it really. Just make sure everything is operational," Jason said.

It's a service offered by Pascagoula Service Center and owner Rusty Seaman, just in time for hurricane season.

"My grandpa was on oxygen before he passed, and I couldn't imagine him without power to use his stuff," Rusty said.

If you're over 65 and you own a working generator, the crew at the service center will give it a tune-up for free. And if you're like Jason and dropping off a generator for a senior close to you, all you need is their driver's license.

Rusty said since he made the announcement, the phones have been ringing off the hook.

Servicing includes changing the oil, replacing the plug and new oil and air filters.

"Just go over everything and make sure that if you have an issue with a hurricane, that you're going to have power," Rusty added.

It'll take about a week for everything, and your generator is ready.

Jason added, "I think Rusty does a great job especially donating and giving his time back to the community. I think this is just another step on why his business continues to grow."

"God's been good to me. Oil and filter and labor's not that much, so if I want to help some older people.. just want to do it," Rusty said.

Rusty said if you are over 65 and dropped off your generator for service this month before he made the announcement, he will still service it for free.

The deadline to drop off is June 30 at the close of business.

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