Big Boy Is Missing

A cat that's become a Gulfport tourist attraction is missing. Big Boy had been living in a tree in Jones Park since Hurricane Georges. He gained national media attention when reports circulated about him on the internet, and in newspapers around the country. But today, Big Boy isn't in his tree.

People who have been caring for Big Boy say they last saw him on Sunday. Wednesday, WLOX received a letter from a person, described as an anonymous animal lover. The writer says he or she rescued the cat and has taken him to their house. This person says Big Boy was not getting proper nutrition and was living in filth in the tree.

The letter ends with this quote "I hope the general public will realize that, even though it was fun to go and visit him and marvel at the cat that lived in the tree for two years, this was certainly not the ideal situation for him, and that they will be happy to see him in a much better situation, where he can live a long healthy life."