New casino could be coming to Long Beach

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - A casino could be coming to Long Beach, that's according to developer James Parrish.

He tells WLOX that he plans to bring a Long Beach casino proposal to the Mississippi Gaming Commission next month.

Opinions on a casino in Long Beach are mixed. Across Highway 90 from the proposed site, Erin Keefer is concerned about what could happen to the Long Beach Yacht Club.

"A few years back they were trying to get our property I believe for the casino, and we're really concerned because the sailing program means so much to us," Keefer said. "If they were to take our property we would have to move north of Highway 90, and that would really destroy our sailing program, so It's something I fight for anytime someone talks about a casino. But in terms of money, I think that would be great for the city."

There's also others with mixed feeling about a casino here in Long Beach. If you read posts on the Residents of Long Beach Facebook Page, opinions are varied.

One says, "tax burden relief," another says "I think a casino is a great idea, we need more revenue," while another one says "I've seen and heard about casinos and heard their empty promises time and time again, I'd rather not see one here in Long Beach."

The moderator of that page is Quentin Denney. He's also working on developing the site where two previous restaurants failed into what's called an open-air market.

"It sounds awesome," Denney said. "I think that if that were the talk and the plans, it only fits into what can happen into the marketplace here. I think the Coast needs something like that, so yeah, I think that would fit great."

Parrish will to bring his Long Beach casino plan in front of the Mississippi Gaming Commission next month.

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