MS supervisors learn more about new legislation, grants at annual convention

MS supervisors learn more about new legislation, grants at annual convention
Supervisors from all over the coast are in Biloxi this week for a convention. (Photo source: WLOX News)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Supervisors from Mississippi's 82 counties are on the coast for the annual Mississippi Association of Supervisors convention.

A wide range of topics are covered during the convention to help supervisors better serve their counties. Many people at the convention represent citizens from all over our state. They are county supervisors and other county employees and the convention is a time for all of them to learn how to make their county run more efficiently.

"They are going to be able to take back home additional education information about laws that were passed in the recent legislative session about information about federal legislation, state legislation," said Derrick Surrette, executive director of the Mississippi Association of Supervisors.

Surrette said supervisors are seeing the businesses available to help meet their needs from construction to insurance.

The county leaders are also learning more about risk management programs and getting updates on grant money now available to pay for a portion of a fire truck for a rural fire department.

"They can go back home and implement in their counties to save money to make sure their citizens are aware of certain rules and regs and make sure their aware of certain rules and regs that they have to follow," said Surrette.

Another topic supervisors will discuss during the convention is funding for bridges.

"This year, the legislators did fund the local system bridge program, which does help certain bridges that are smaller bridges off the main highways or rural roads at $50 million," said Surrette.

The Mississippi Association of Supervisors is an organization that supports the supervisors and counties. The organizations three main goals are to do legislative work on behalf of the counties. They also provide educational programs and member services, which includes group insurance programs.

The convention began in Biloxi on Monday, June 11, and runs through Thursday, June 14. It is the 89th year that the convention has been held.

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