Lotto winner wears winking emoji mask to collect $180M prize

Lotto winner wears winking emoji mask to collect $180M prize

(WLOX) - A Jamaican lottery winner showed up to collect her grand prize with the biggest smile on her face- literally.

The woman, identified only by the name N. Gray, wore a huge yellow winking emoji mask as a disguise to stay anonymous while claiming her winnings.

The smug cover-up was fit for the occasion as she held up her enormous prop check and signed the paperwork for the $180 million jackpot. Issued in Jamaican dollars, the U.S. value of the prize would equal about $1.4 million.

Supreme Ventures Ltd. shared the pictures of Gray on Twitter, which have been shared thousands of time. One can only imagine the look on her face underneath the cheeky mask.

"I am elated, because I was drowning in debt," she told The Gleaner, a Jamaican news publication. "I started buying Super Lotto in January... Now I've won, I want to clear my debt, invest and I want to do some traveling. I would like to construct a community center for the youths in my community, so they can engage in something productive; somewhere where they can do information technology."

According to The Gleaner, she was the second consecutive Jamaican when she won the May 11 Super Lotto drawing, a game played by multiple Caribbean nations.

Since she wasn't allowed to have her identity concealed entirely, she wore the mask as a way to protect herself and family from becoming targets of crime.Thankfully, she has a very common last name.

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