Investigator calls teacher's decapitation 'the worst thing I've seen' in 30-year career

STONE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - "This is, by far, the worst thing I've seen in law enforcement in my career," Investigator Ray Boggs said of the Sherry Johnson murder case, which sent a chill through the Stone County community.

The 30-year veteran of law enforcement says looking into homicides is tough enough. But in this case, Boggs not only knew Sherry Johnson, but he knows her son, Terrell, who is charged with the brutal murder, which included blunt force trauma and decapitation.

"The thing about her head being decapitated, that's already out, so her head was detached from her body," he said. "I know the victim, I know the suspect and I know the family well. I know how she raised her son. Just to think that her son is accused of this makes it even that much worse. They all kind of stay in that compound there. They know each other's goings and comings, and that's what alarmed her sister into wanting to do a check because she hadn't heard from her in a few days."

As for the suspect, 29-year old Terrell Johnson was denied bail during his initial court appearance. He's scheduled for a preliminary hearing on Wednesday, June 20 in justice court.

"When I say I know them well, I've mentored Terrell in a sense when he was younger and I knew the type of man he was then as opposed to now," Boggs added.

It's a case that's hit Stone County particularly hard, since crimes like this, Boggs says, don't happen here very often.

"Information gets out within minutes, so you could say within minutes most of the community knew. what had happened, a tragedy had happened," he said. "People are shaken, everybody wants a few answers. I try to tell people to always have compassion for the families, her students."

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