Escaped MS Murder Suspect Caught At FL Hurricane Shelter

One of two murder suspects who escaped from the Marion-Walthall Correctional Facility in Mississippi has been caught by Florida officials after trying to get food from a shelter for hurricane victims.

Curtis Dickson, 25, was arrested last Friday in Molino, Fla. Carolyn James, a manager at the American Red Cross shelter in Molino, said Dickson had been turned away last Tuesday because he said he lived in Pensacola, Fla.

She said Dickson returned Friday and tried to get food but was again rebuffed when he showed a Florida ID.

"He started getting a little rough, so I called the deputy,'' James said.

The name on the ID that Dickson showed at the shelter matched one of his aliases, said Sgt. Ted Roy, Escambia County Sheriff's Office spokesman.

Florida officials said Dickson and Steven Kirkley, 27, escaped Sept. 5 through an air vent in the Marion-Walthall facility in Mississippi.

Marion County authorities released no details about how the men escaped, and Marion County Sheriff Rip Stringer has not responded to repeated requests from the Hattiesburg American for comment.

Dickson is being held without bond in the Escambia County Jail in Pensacola. John C. Stringer, 22, a third escapee, was caught Sept. 5 by Marion County sheriff's deputies. He was being held on receiving stolen property charges.

Dickson was in jail on two counts of murder and one count of aggravated assault and Kirkley on a capital murder charge. Neither has been convicted.

Dickson was a suspect in the shooting deaths of Johnny Collins, 27, and Jermaine Kelly, 15, of Marion County. Collins and Kelly were killed in April 2004 in northeast Marion County.

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