Moss Point considering entertainment district for downtown area

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Taking your drink on the go could soon be the norm in Moss Point. Mayor Mario King is pushing a 'to-go cup' ordinance, essentially an entertainment district. It would allow residents to take alcohol outside certain businesses in a certain area of town.

"It gives us this district, this small district, and it gives people an area to kind of congregate in and really have social drinking time," Mayor King said. "The area here is from the bridge where Brackish Waters is, the new restaurant, all the way down to where City Hall is and back by the (Pascagoula River) Audubon Center."

The district map lines are centered around businesses that sell alcohol.

"The Audubon has so many events where they have vendors that serve alcohol," the Mayor said. "We have San Miguel. I know they're really excited. They've been a vendor for us before. Luxury Night, they're very excited about it. So, we have a lot of the businesses around here really excited, and it really gives us an opportunity to expand."

Plans are still in the works, but Mayor King said the district would require a heavy police presence, something they're willing to do. The city will also put a cap on last call at these bars in the entertainment district.

Alderman Ennit Morris' ward backs up to the proposed entertainment district. He's looking forward to the boost in foot traffic and said the Southgate Shopping Center would be a great addition to the ordinance.

"I think it would help this area out, just the City of Moss Point. I think it would bring more businesses here," Morris said.

For now, the proposed district will stick to the downtown area. Mayor King said he's confident it will pass.

The ordinance goes up for a vote June 19.

Ocean Springs and Pascagoula currently have entertainment district areas.

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