Satisfied shoppers hitting up the harbor for fresh-caught shrimp

Shrimpers were busy filling sacks of shrimp Thursday for eager shoppers. (Source: WLOX)
Shrimpers were busy filling sacks of shrimp Thursday for eager shoppers. (Source: WLOX)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - One day after the opening of Mississippi shrimp season, eager seafood buyers filled the docks at Biloxi Small Craft Harbor, eager to pick up their favorite seafood delicacy.

The parking lot was full Thursday morning as dozens of buyers showed up. Some only picked up a few pounds of shrimp, while others bought hundreds.

Then there are others, like Ted Swords. He is serious about his shrimp. "We have a country store up in Oxford and one in Batesville and I sell shrimp to the public up there. I'm buying about 350 pounds."

For the shrimpers themselves, opening day was not great, but okay. That the word from Kelly Hoang. "As in past years, I've heard that it's gotten better but we are just waiting for it pickup because yesterday it wasn't are great as we thought it would be," said shrimper Kelly Hoang.

Still, people like Mike Murray await the opening with great anticipation. "I got 20 pounds at two dollars a pound. They are real pretty shrimp. I love shrimp."

So anytime you are buying or selling shrimp, the bottom line is the price. And so far, the price at the docks has been pretty impressive, according to Johnson. "The price is pretty reasonable. You can't beat the price. That's the main reason why I came down here because of the price. And the people are real nice and kind and they treat you right."

Treated right, and eating right,  It's a combination that's hard to beat.

Shrimpers we talked with said if they were to rate grand opening day on a scale of one to ten, they would give it a five. It wasn't bad, but it could've been better. Prices at the docks today ranged from a dollar and a half for 50 count shrimp, up to five dollars a pound for jumbo-sized shrimp.

More than 250 boats hit the waters of the Mississippi Sound for opening day, with many of those being smaller boats that return the same day and sell directly from the dock. Larger shrimping vessels stay out for days.

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