Biloxi City Council approves funding for new fire station

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Tuesday night, the Biloxi City Council approved funding for the Cedar-Popps Fire Station #7. It will not only be a fire station, but also a new state-of-the-art training facility.

Right now, the Biloxi Fire Department's Station #7 is a small trailer near the city's communication center on Popp's Ferry Road, adjacent to several growing neighborhoods.

"There's a tremendous amount of growth, with the new Wal-Mart, high school, junior high and the elementary schools," said Joe Boney, Biloxi Fire Department Chief.

But after funding for the new station and training facility was ok'd by the city council this week, all that will soon change. The location is a stone's throw from the station #7 trailer.

"This station will also house our training facility, which will allow us to do our dedicated fire training," Boney added. "This facility will not just allow us just fire training, but also research in new fire combat operations and how to fight fires from a different angle."

Boney also said this particular spot gives them plenty of access to the busy Cedar Lake/Popps Ferry Road business district and a lot of residential areas south and east of where the station is located.

"We have our equipment up there," he said. "It's in different locations, and it takes a while to amass that equipment on the scene of a fire. This will allow us to respond a lot more economically to a fire."

Boney also said Groundbreaking for the project could happen within the next few weeks, with construction possibly taking a year to complete.

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